Indigo Toes

This is a poem I wrote last winter. Let me know what you think!

indigo toes

i asked for a pair of blue rain boots

for christmas cause i was drowning in

cleveland and hoped that at least i could

keep my feet dry why

don’t bubbles find their way

to me if the sky’s a broken bathtub

i’m scrubbing weather from my skin

and wonder whether i should trust

the first snow of the season

white as innocence

but cold as my spine

when it shivers soft

as a snowflake

fake as a man

made of frozen rain

i never thought what

it feels like to have

beady eyes

and a carrot nose

nobody knows

but frosty

and i gave him

the last black hat

in my closet

why don’t ceiling tiles

break into a thousand

tiny pieces and fall

to the floor

outside isn’t inside

wipe your feet on the doormat

don’t bring your dirt in

you might try going barefoot

blue toes might be fun

or run for miles

until you find yourself

praying for angels

in the snow

shower me with hope

savior save me from

the slush

i saw my breath

float up to an ash-gray sky

searching for color

in indigo toes

nose goes on that one, frosty

we’ll be friends when rosy cheeks

aren’t worthy of a shade like sunset

i bet i can beat you to the house

and back

on the count of three

we’ll see if summer

brings me someone

who won’t leave with the last snow of

the season


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