Waiting on My Words

So…it’s almost midnight. I know, I’m a slacker. But in the reality that is not virtual, I was really being productive!

I promise I was.

Here is a picture  c/o my roommate to prove it:

Look! It’s me performing my poem at a talent show to raise money for Operation 20/20!

I performed an original spoken-poem that I wrote last year called “Waiting on My Words.” Here is that poem! Enjoy:

spit it out, billy

like my words were seeds

that would sprout sentences from

my mouth

like your words were seeds you

planted as doubt in my brain

and i’m weeding through

the pain like a gardner

shoveling away at his own


and i still remember that day

when you shoved me down

in the schoolyard

you left me in the dirt

with grass stains and a


and just because i can’t say what sally did by the seashore

doesn’t mean i can’t collect seashells

or dream about seagulls, see

the thing is i don’t have to


in order to appreciate

what’s in front of me

and i can articulate

in better ways than wordplay

just like moses couldn’t speak

but he stretched out his staff

and the red sea went weak

and said excuse me


excuse me

if i am speaking out

of turn

but my hand’s been raised

and the teacher doesn’t call on me

‘cause she doesn’t want to take up

too much of your precious time

but i’m finding

out that for once in my

life i’ve got a lot

to say



did you ever stop to think that

maybe my stutter

is like the wings of a


fluttering so fast

that my words can’t keep up

with my wings

or maybe

my tongue is just tripping over


and i know from experience that

beauty takes your breath away

so if i can’t speak

it is because i am too busy

breathing back beauty

into these lungs

and no, the cat does not have my tongue

i have just been scratched in the back one

too many times

to tell you off,

and on the subject,

my mother always said that

if you don’t have something nice to say

you shouldn’t say anything at all


my silence

tells more of story than your teasing

ever will

and b-b-by the way

next time you feel like

making fun

why don’t you just

talk a walk, i’ll let you borrow

my flip-flops

and maybe then you’ll


that my feelings

are one fist-fight away

from being beat to death

and right now,

all i’m asking for is

a bandaid


what do you say?

are we gonna be friends

or will i have to spend

another day

waiting on the world

to see

that waiting on my words

is worth it?


4 thoughts on “Waiting on My Words

    • Wish I could have been there, too–I remember this one…very timely in the “bully-prone” world in which we live! Proud of you!

  1. This seriously just gets better every time I read it. Though I think YOUR readers need to hear you reading it out loud like I have, because the way the emotion comes through in your voice totally gives it a whole new dimension! Let’s finish the video to the audio recording next time we get together, yeah? (:

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