For My Truest Friend

I’ve always been pining.

After the love of another person. After their acceptance.

After finding myself somewhere on their friendships list.

I’m always chasing, or seeking something

Like affirmation.

Like let me know you see me trying.

I’m always vying. Or waiting by some old abandoned bus stop.

But you, you’re the street lamp flickering

In a cozy sort of fireplace way.

You’re the warmth of the space between the pillow and my heavy head.

I thought I needed sleep, but it turns out

I wasn’t that kind of tired.

I really wanted rest.

The weightless bit of lilly that’s windkissed

And sunwaded.

I needed to hear that when that sun settles

On my skin in mid-afternoon it’s really

Your breath on a chilled window.

I can see you write our names in the cold.

There’s a heart in between with an

apostrophe s.

I can see your love for me.

And I’ll leave behind the pining.

Have it printed on some bumper sticker

That drives in directions opposite of us.

If fair weather can’t be trusted, I’ll make

You my most safest tree house. And in

Some extra special spot, I’ll carve our names in

The wood. With a heart in between.

And an apostrophe s.

~Original poem by Sarah Elizabeth Runyon


3 thoughts on “For My Truest Friend

  1. I will combine the three previous posts: Beautiful! My favorite! I love it! (PS: I don’t think you are a “potential” poet; I think you already are!)

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