Our Song

Hi there.

Let’s talk lyrics.

Recently I’ve been jamming out to all my favorite fall bands. I know I can’t be the only one who likes to listen to certain songs seasonally. Anyways, I found a few new favorites this month, and it was like Christmas on Halloween. I hope that’s not heresy or something.

Either way, I came across a lyric from a song called “The Moon is Down” by Radical Face. Great song. Give it a listen. The chorus is the best bit in my opinion:

“All my life I’ve watched you dance alone / to music that I can’t hear / I ain’t equipped to hear those songs”

It’s so simple, and yet it bears so much meaning. At first, I looked at the words as if they came from a young man pining after a young lady who, for some reason seemed unattainable to him, almost as if they could never meet on the same page.

After listening to it for a while though, I ended up thinking about it from Jesus’ perspective. We often first think of Him as our Lord and Savior, the King of Kings. And rightly so, for He is those things. But the whole point of His being that for us is to have an intimate relationship with us. He is meant to be the lover of our souls. He patiently waits at our side while we’re off dancing with our latest distraction from Him.

This song really struck something within me. I know oftentimes I can get wrapped up in things, so much so in the past that I allowed another person to interrupt my dance with Jesus. During that time He never left, but longed for me to return to His loving arms. This song sort of showed me that sometimes the words we sing are so filled with sin that we make it impossible for God to sing with us.

Even so His heart breaks for us. He watches us “dance alone” when he wants to lead us in a beautiful waltz, where we stand on his feet and He twirls us around. But He is a gentleman. He will wait for you to take His hand.

But He is calling out to you to join him on the dance floor. He bought a brand new suit and a fancy bow tie and everything.

I don’t mean for these Thursday posts to be preachy, I really don’t. But this was on my heart, and I thought you might like to know that you don’t have to dance alone.

Even if you’re a horrible dancer like me, it’s okay. He delights in your little quirks. He made you to be as you are.

So give it a go. Listen to His lyrics. And it won’t matter so much whether you know all the words. It’s your song.

He just wants to sing with you.

May all be well.


4 thoughts on “Our Song

    • Thanks for the reminder, Sarah, that we can get so caught up in our own music, we neglect our Lord. This post reminds me of the video your mom shot of you as a little girl dancing with your daddy…standing on his shoes…and he was giving you kisses and just enjoying holding his child…beautiful picture of the relationship Papa God desires to have with us…I don’t want to “dance alone”….

  1. This is so beautiful and moving, It reminded me of the intimacy that God expresses for this church in the song of Solomon. He desires such a deep, intimate relationship with us- as a Father, as Husband and as a Brother. But it is always us that stands in the way. Love this..

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