A Potential Giver of Misinformation?

Hi there! So, I do realize that I said I wouldn’t be posting again until Thursday, but before you form an angry mob and try to burn me at the stake, you should know the lie was unintentional (wonder how many times that’s held up in court?).

Anyways, this is now my first post about life and it’s all about, well, life. Okay. Here goes.

So really, I just thought I owed you some sort of explanation as to why I’ve called this blog Potential Poet. And honestly, it’s sort of complicated, but that’s okay because that’s the point. 

The word potential holds more meaning than just to express what we are or aren’t as human beings. Oftentimes it’s used to say that something or someone has the potential to do something, but hasn’t quite made it there yet. I can’t argue with that, mostly because I had no say in how the word appears in the dictionary. But really potential is all about choice.

It’s sort of an in-between stage of what we are and that which we aspire to be. Much like a teeter-totter, it revolves around balance. It’s a choice that we make to move forward or move back, or possibly even stay so still that the see-saw doesn’t tilt at all.

More than anything, though, potential pertains to how we define ourselves in spite of what we have or don’t have the ability to accomplish. We all have the potential to be many things: a good student, a better boyfriend/girlfriend, a more devoted church-goer, or the all-time high-score on some pinball machine. But the cool thing is, we are so much more than any one of those things can say about us. We have the potential to be anything, but what we are now is beautiful in itself.

So, whether I’m ever a well-known poet or not, I’m still a writer, a beloved child of God, and awesome beyond explanation (too conceited?).

There’s a world of possibilities out there waiting, but be content with who you are. As cliche as it sounds, no one has the potential to be you better.


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