Hi there

So, welcome to my life (or the bits of it which I’ll document on here). I’ve been putting off creating a blog for some time now, for obvious reasons: fear of rejection, wanting for inspiration, and (my favorite) inherent laziness. But now, I’m ready. Ready to share my thoughts with the world’s population (all three of you who will read this, that is.) I joke. 

On to the point. Basically I plan to post twice a week. Those posts will pertain to two things: life & words. I know, I’m too specific for my own good.

But really, the first post will happen on Tuesdays! Yay! And it will be about my observations. For instance, I might talk about current events, something interesting I learned or (over)heard at my university, or anything really that pertains to life

The second will happen on Thursdays! Again, yay! And it will have to do with writing, mine or someone else’s. I might discuss a quote or an essay, a paper I’m working on, or a poem I’ve written, etc. Thus, words. I am a potential poet, after all. Ha. 

So I’m excited. Hope you are as well. It was nice having this chat, and I look forward to the next one. 

Oh and one more thing: This post will serve as this Tuesday’s blog post. So see you Thursday? 

See you then.



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